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      Eco Party Warehouse Official Blog

      Disposing of Biodegradable Party Supplies

      Disposing of Biodegradable Party Supplies

      Planning to help our planet? Well, using biodegradable material is the best way to follow the eco-friendly path. Do you ever think about biodegradable materials, where they should be going, and how they should be disposed of since they are biodegradable?

      Well, if you have been thinking about it, then you are at the right place to find why and how you should be doing it to help our planet grow and go green. 

      What are Biodegradable Party Supplies?

      Before we get into the process of disposing of the biodegradable materials/party supplies, you need to know the difference between biodegradable and non-biodegradable materials so you can distinguish between them and choose the right material to dispose of.

      Humans produce tons of waste daily that includes empty cartons, fruit & vegetable peels, eco-friendly plates, plastic plates, shoes, and a lot more. 

      Many of these substances, such as fruits and vegetable peels, eco-friendly party supplies, and cardboard can be easily disposed of by the activity of the decomposer and bacteria. 

      On the other hand, such materials like plastic waste can’t be disposed of - instead, they take ages to decompose and are called non-biodegradable materials. 

      Ways to Dispose of Biodegradable Party Supplies

      For the biodegradable party supplies, there is one easy way to dispose of them that is known as “Compost”. It’s an effortless process to dispose of your party supplies, such as eco-friendly dinnerware sets and serving wares.

      Composting your party supplies is an easier process, and it would also benefit you if you love gardening. Dispose of biodegradable material helps nurture the soil, which results in the better growth of plants. 

      How to Dispose of Biodegradable party Supplies

      First of all, you will need to choose a place where to dispose of the biodegradable party supplies (composting as mentioned above).

      A trash bin with sealed openings is the best option, as it has the benefit of being neat, and it is also good at preserving heat. 

      However, you can also do it in your backyard. Make sure you are composting biodegradable party supplies, such as eco party dinnerware sets, fancy biodegradable plate sets, and palm leaf dinnerware value sets.

      These biodegradable party supplies will take 4 to 6 months to compost and smell like earth. That’s it preferably to do it trash or some or container away from your living space. 

      Best Compostable Party Supplies

      If you are looking for an eco-friendly dinnerware set and party supplies, then we have got your back. Eco Party Warehouse offers the best compostable dinnerware that is easy to compost.

      Our eco-friendly party supplies are affordable to any budget, plus they come with the ease of composting. They are made of palm leaves and bagasse which doesn’t take months like the other party supplies. 

      If you are a gardening lover then these eco-friendly easy compostable party supplies are good food for your plants.


      With a love for life and nature, Eco Party Warehouse!

      How to Honor Martin Luther King Jr. Day in an Eco-Friendly Way?

      How to Honor Martin Luther King Jr. Day in an Eco-Friendly Way?

      Planning to celebrate Martin Luther king's day? Can't figure out how to, or running out of new ideas? Don't worry - we have got you covered with new ideas to celebrate king's day in an eco-friendly way. 

      There are a lot of ideas that you can do to celebrate MLK day in an eco-friendly way. Let's dive into the list of them and discover what you can have for the upcoming special day. 


      For the special day celebration, you will need to do decorations to spread some good and aesthetic vibes in the environment. 

      Since you are planning to go eco-friendly, avoid the use of plastic products to decorate your houses, such as balloons, plastic party supplies, and anything that's made of plastic.

      Pick a theme for the party that forces you to stay away from the plastic material and go green. A jungle theme is the best way to decorate and dress up your home without including any plastic material in the decoration. 

      Moreover, you can use the paperwork to elevate your party's decoration. Create a creative photograph of the MJK and put it on the wall. Similarly, instead of decorating your door with artificial followers that will end up in landfills, create a paper banner and write an MLK quote on it.

      Table Decor

      Your table demands a polished and clean look at the celebration. It's the second biggest thing that you need to do when you are decorating your home for the special day. 

      You should be looking for eco-friendly dinnerware sets and serving wares to serve your guests with style and honor.

      Serving your guests with elegant and fancy supplies is also included in the table decor, as it would complement the food you serve. Most companies claim that they sell 100% biodegradable dinnerware sets and serving wares. However, it's not the case - instead, they claim it is to increase their sales graph.

      If you are looking for eco-friendly patriotic serving party supplies, then eco warehouse is a perfect place.

      Our products are 100% biodegradable and will help you serve the food in an eco-friendly way.

      Don't worry about the variety as it's endless and versatile. 

      Consumption of meat is a root cause of pollution as the animals are the source of greenhouse gasses. Prefer serving the vegetables on this special day. 

      Trust us - there are many delicious vegetables that you can cook and serve at the event to your guests and make them forget the meat. 

      Benefits of Using Compostable Palm Leaf Party Plates

      Benefits of Using Compostable Palm Leaf Party Plates

      From the past few years, some trends emerged, such as “Go Green”. There are various valid reasons behind it, and it should be followed by every person living on this planet. 

      Going green means avoiding products that pollute our environment and make it hell for living things. Read on to get into the depth of it, as there’s a lot you should know. 

      Why Palm Leaf Party plates?

      Before getting into the benefits of using palm leaf party plates, you should know the destruction of currently used plastic plates. In most parts of the world, plastic plates are preferred to use in restaurants, catering services, fast food vendors, wedding parties, and a lot more. 

      Using plastic plates isn’t a sustainable solution as it destroys our planet and the environment where we breathe in and out.

      Plastic plates and many other plastic products cause many and many pollution problems not just for humans but also for the marines living in oceans, rivers, and lakes. 

      Moreover, plastic plates aren’t healthy food containers to keep your food in them. Plastic dinnerware sets and plastic party supplies lead to leach with the food served in them, which is alarming for human health. 

      To avoid such problems, health issues, and destructive scenarios, compostable palm leaf plates made from palm leaves are the best alternative. 

      As Affordable As Plastic

      Many people hesitate to change their lifestyle to use eco-friendly dinnerware, thinking it might upset their budget. As mentioned above, “eco-friendly plates made up of palm leaves are the best alternative”. 

      The best alternative also translates into the best affordability of the fancy palm leaf disposable plates. To save the earth and to make it a liveable place, eco-friendly products are the way to do it, as they would cut down the usage of plastic. 

      You can get an affordable eco-friendly plate set from the online eco-party warehouse. There is an endless variety of plates and much more that you should check if you are planning to use eco-friendly supplies. 

      Advantage of being Disposable

      This is another big reason why restaurants, hotels managers, and catering services prefer plastic plates as they are disposable.

      Using china and ceramic daily for commercial use will require a cleaning staff, and hiring them will put a burden on their budget. Thus, they end up using plastic products to cater to the needs of serving customers and guests and the parties. 

      Eco-friendly products are also disposable and can be disposed of easily after a single use. If you were wondering about changing your lifestyle, then it’s the plus point for you to go for biodegradable areca palm leaf plates.

      With eco-friendly supplies, you won’t need to clean them as you can easily throw them in the trash. Moreover, the decomposing process of the palm leaf plate is quite nurturing for nature.

      Palm leaves plate would take 10 to 15 days to decompose without causing any damage to its surroundings. Instead, it nurtures nature and soil. 


      With a love for life and nature, Eco Party Warehouse!

      “Go Green” - Use Eco-Friendly Flatware

      “Go Green” - Use Eco-Friendly Flatware

      Going green is a new standard for restaurants and other catering services. It’s not a marketing thing but a demand from the customer’s end. However, if you are running a restaurant or any food truck, then you should consider supplying eco-friendly supplies.

      Moreover, if you aren’t still convinced, then read on to know the facts as to why eco-friendly flatware and other tableware supplies have the edge over plastic. 

      Toxic Chemicals

      In the past, we have been consistently using plastic material almost everywhere. No doubt, it provides ease, and it’s affordable to any budget. But with that ease of use and affordability element, there also comes the serious problem with it.

      Plastic isn’t sustainable - that’s why this world is cutting the use of plastic and preferring other sustainable solutions. Experts suggest improper manufacturing of plastic supplies can lead to leached plastic into your food and drinks.

      These toxic chemicals can damage your health system. However, their effect might not be noticed at first, but in the long run - they will appear. 

      Eco-Friendly Options

      With an awareness of using eco-friendly options, the industry is expanding day by day and more and more options are being launched in the market. 

      Ceramics are an eco-friendly option, and it’s an affordable option for many consumers. However, ceramics are heavy as they are made of clay and then heated up at high temperatures. 

      You will spend your time holding these spoons, forks, and knives. That’s why consider other options such as birchwood disposable cutlery.

      Birchwood flatware is a sustainable option, plus they are light in weight. If you are planning to replace your old flatware, then consider compostable birch flatware. Moreover, these are affordable to any budget.

      Eco Party Warehouse offers a variety of sustainable flatware that is made of palm leaves. The manufacturing process of making this flatware is quite interesting and harmless. 

      Moreover, all flatware collections are disposable, meaning they are made for single-use and are supposed to be disposed of, but they aren’t harmful to our environment like plastic. 

      Look around to get disposable eco flatware for your next party, or start supplying it in your new restaurant. 

      How Disposable Birchwood Cutlery is Sustainable?

      As the word “birchwood” suggests, it’s made up of birchwood, which is entirely sustainable and doesn’t cause any environmental damages like plastic. 

      The damage that the plastic items cause is severe as the plastic takes ages to decompose and mostly ends up in landfills.

      On the contrary, the eco-friendly flatware made up of birchwood is harmless and takes 15 days to decompose without causing any damages to the environment. 

      Should You Birchwood Cutlery?

      If you want to replace your old cutlery set or looking for a disposable solution for your restaurant or upscale party purpose - the birch wood cutlery is a perfect choice to go for.

      It’s the most affordable eco-friendly choice for anyone looking for a sustainable solution at a fraction of the cost. Moreover, apart from the sustainable and eco-friendly design, with these cutlery sets, you can serve with style.

      It’s eco-friendly, but it doesn’t mean it would lack in looks, bring aesthetics to your table space with this fabulous flatware. 


      With a love for life and nature, Eco Party Warehouse!

      Simple Pine Cone Party Decorating Ideas

      Simple Pine Cone Party Decorating Ideas

      Decorating your parties can become quite tricky when you’ve to keep the environment in mind. The decoration ideas out there are mostly comprised of plastic items that we don’t recommend at all - since they create more plastic waste that doesn’t get decomposed.

      When you narrow down your selection of nature-friendly decoration items for your eco-friendly decoration ideas, pine cones are one of the most epic items available that can be used in hundreds of different ways.

      Before actually starting to work on pine cone decoration ideas, make sure you’ve plenty of them because you’re going to use them.

      Just hit a nearby hilly side where you can find a bunch of fallen pine cones, collect them, wash them well, and prepare yourself for some simple but attractive pine cone party decorating ideas.

      Tie Your Napkins

      Place all your napkins on the table and tie their ends with these epic pine cones. You can paint them using eco-friendly paint options in any of the colors you want, but gold is preferable. 

      You can knot your napkins with two or more pine cones, and the presentation of your napkin would look amazingly modern.

      Swirl Wreath Pine Cone

      You can glue up a bunch of pine cones to make a perfect wreath that not only can be used to hang on your doorway but can also be used as a centerpiece on your table. Your guests would like it since it’s very eye-catchy.

      Pom-Poms Pine Cone

      Pine cones can be made more attractive by attaching those colorful pom-poms with the pine cones using glue or any other adhesive. You can make them look intuitive just by bringing more variations in the colors.

      Pine Cone Fox

      From a few of the ornaments that you can make using pine cones is making an art of a fox. You can use cardboard and appropriately cut them to make the shape of the head and legs of a fox.

      Eco-Friendly Dinnerware

      Along with decorating your party, you need to focus on other stuff, like planning for an eco-friendly table setting. Your tableware items should be eco-friendly as well. Try looking for eco palm leaf plates for serving your main course in style.

      Moreover, we provide disposable plates made from leaves that you can simply dispose of after your party, and you won’t have to worry about any cleaning. These are compostable plates that can be bought at wholesale prices.

      We, at Eco Party Warehouse, provide the best eco-friendly plates that can make your party look greener than ever before.

      Pine Cone Tree

      Xmas has just gone by - you couldn’t have made a Christmas tree only by using fallen pine cones. But the time has not gone yet. You can still prepare an awesome tree by using fallen pine cones in the following way to create an epic tree for the new year.

      You can also save it for later, and reuse it for the next Xmas.


      With a love for life and nature, Eco Party Warehouse!