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      Eco Party Warehouse Official Blog

      Chic All-Natural Fall Celebration

      Fall comes with unique vibes, and the best way to celebrate these awesome vibes is to throw a chic fall party. Invite your friends over an epic fall party to welcome the fall with great excitement. To make your fall holiday more special, make this fall party an eco-friendly party to embrace nature.

      Celebrating your holidays shouldn’t compromise the natural settings around you. Moreover, throwing parties shouldn’t generate more plastic waste. It’s quite disturbing to know that most of the plastic waste produced nowadays is mostly originates from parties.

      So, to make your parties more eco-friendly, we’re here to give you nature-friendly ideas to make your next fall party gloom. So, let’s get started.

      Choose a Fall Theme

      To feature all that Fall Vibes, there are plenty of options that you can try for an all-natural chic fall celebration. For that very purpose, you should look for a perfect theme for your perfect fall party.

      Harvest Party Theme

      Fall is usually a season of harvesting. So, a Harvest-Themed party would be a great idea to start your first fall party with. You can also rent a farmhouse near your area and see the beauty of nature all around you. The natural aroma of the soil would definitely give you and your guests a soothing experience.

      More into Sports?

      For football fans, fall is usually a season of sports. Most of the football matches are conducted in the fall. So, you can also decorate your home with a nature-friendly football theme. To make your eco-friendly football décor, you can use old fabric to shape it like a football. You can go creative to arrange a nature-friendly football theme party.

      Setup a Bonfire

      Moreover, you can also roast some marshmallows with your friends on a bonfire. Setting up a bonfire in your backyard would be another great option to try. Sometimes, a bunch of chairs, a group of your loved ones, and sips of coffee can be the only thing to build up the entire mood.

      Delight Your Guests with an Amazing Menu

      Parties are always about food. So, surprise your guests with an epic menu list. Adding more than one or two dishes to the menu would definitely surprise your guests. So, compile your menu with great focus and attention and make sure everybody’s favorite item is there on the table.

      In order to do so, you should know a lot about your guests. So, it’s always better to invite your close friends for an epic party experience. After giving them a surprise with your best decoration setting, it’s time to introduce your epic menu. You can add anything to the menu that your guests love, you know what to do next.

      Eco-friendly Dinnerware

      After deciding on a perfect menu for your guests, it’s time to decide on a nature-friendly way to serve the food. For a chic fall celebration, we offer a chic eco-friendly dinnerware set that includes biodegradable and compostable plates, compostable flatware, disposable eco bowls, and many other items that you can possibly think of. To make your party serving complete, our biodegradable tableware includes disposable mini partyware and eco-friendly disposable serving trays.

      Our eco-friendly offers will make any fall party more enjoyable in an eco-friendly way to save and protect mother nature.


      With a love for life and nature, Eco Party Warehouse!

      What Does ‘Biodegradable’ Mean?

      The word ‘Biodegradable’ actually refers to the process of natural decomposition of anything. This process of natural decomposition can be occurred with or without the presence of oxygen. Generally, plant products are all biodegradable. For example, the rubber, wood, leaves, cotton, wool, paper, and everything that’s made of natural plant components would definitely decompose at some point in time.

      Moreover, the natural decomposition of items includes the involvement of micro-organisms that break down the overall construction of natural bonds and eventually decompose an entirely natural object. 

      Biodegradable Waste vs Plastic Waste

      Both of these two concepts are completely different. Plastic waste is highly criticized, while the concept of biodegradable waste is much more acceptable. Plastic waste is generated by the use of plastic items, and the plastic materials are known to stay there for the rest of their lives. The plastic doesn’t get decomposed and pollutes the entire ecosystem.

      On the other hand, biodegradable waste is much more nature-friendly. If something’s biodegradable, it means that it will get destroyed naturally with the help of the natural decomposition process initiated by the micro-organism.

      One of the major sources of plastic waste is the excessive use of plasticware at parties. The parties generate most of the plastic waste, which never gets decomposed, it stays there in the landfills and continues to pollute the surrounding areas.

      In order to eliminate one of the major sources of plastic waste, we’re here to offer a natural replacement for plastic partyware.

      Biodegradable Party Plates

      After a party, the major waste is disposable party plates. So, why not make this party waste a biodegradable party waste?

      We offer biodegradable party plates and flatware for your parties to go green. You can now plan for green party settings quite conveniently with our wide range of biodegradable tableware items. Our biodegradable eco dinnerware includes palm leaf party plates that are completely biodegradable and compostable. Moreover, we offer biodegradable sugarcane bagasse plates that are also biodegradable.

      Being biodegradable - our plates won’t leave any carbon footprint behind. It only takes 60 days for these plates to completely get decomposed. Since their construction is from fallen palm leaves, their process of biodegradation starts right they’re first used.

      Ecofriendly Servingware

      To cater to all the serving ware needs, we offer a wide range of fancy biodegradable trays that you can choose for your next party. Our serving trays come in different sizes to help you serve your food with style.

      Our biodegradable palm leaf bowls are also biodegradable in nature and can be used to serve ice cream, fruits, veggies, and any of your favorite snacks.

      Biodegradable Cutlery

      For your all-natural biodegradable party, we offer eco-friendly biodegradable cutlery and elegant biodegradable mini partyware. Our dinnerware items are completely biodegradable in nature and it’s our goal to spread awareness about the usage of eco-friendly dinnerware items rather than using plastic partyware that’s causing plastic pollution. Global warming has become a global threat and we all need to take small steps to help recover our planet.


      With a love for life and nature, Eco Party Warehouse!

      Eco-Friendly Party Supplies for Yom Kippur

      Yom Kippur is here to break the fasts with some relaxing meals on the table. Yom Kippur is celebrated quite religiously with everyone gathered around.

      There are few tricks on how to break the fast at Yom Kippur, and for years, the use of brunch foods is very popular because it’s easy on an empty stomach. Now, keeping in mind all the religious and cultural involvements of every individual in the family, it’s important to raise a question. Whether your Yom Kippur party is going to be an eco-friendly one or not? 

      To help you host an epic eco-friendly Yom Kippur party, we’ve got your back with our eco-friendly party supplies.

      Compostable Palm Leaf Plates

      We offer eco-friendly palm leaf plates that are made with fallen palm leaves. The fallen palm leaves are gathered, cleaned, and pressed to get the desired shape and size of the plate. These biodegradable plates are completely compostable, which means that they’ll eventually get decomposed. The decomposition time duration with palm leaves is around 60 days.

      It is highly recommended that once you use the palm leaf plates, you shouldn’t reuse them. The reason behind it is that the palm leaves absorb the moisture of the food. This is the reason why we offer palm leaf plates in bulk, and we have a huge collection of eco-friendly dinnerware items.

      Palm Leaf Bowls

      Other than plates, we also offer disposable palm leaf bowls that are made with the same procedure. No chemical or binder is used in its manufacturing.

      Bagasse Plates

      Moreover, along with palm leaves, we also offer eco-friendly bagasse plates that are quite sturdy and durable. The wastes of sugarcane as the only raw material act as a strong component, which makes our bagasse plates much more durable.

      Compostable Birch Flatware

      The compostable birch flatware items won’t bend with the weight of your food. We offer eco-friendly spoons, forks, and knives, and all of these items are completely compostable, which means that they can be disposed of without worrying about environmental waste.

      Birchwood is used in the manufacturing of flatware. The birch wood is pressed under a certain pressure to get the desired shape of the product. All our products are completely biodegradable, which means that they can decompose naturally on their own.

      Eco-Friendly Palm Leaf Servingware

      Last but not the least, our disposable eco-friendly tableware items also include palm leaf serving ware. To make your serving complete, our eco-friendly dinnerware sets include serving trays in different sizes. For your Yom Kippur party, you would need serving trays in different sizes. Just don’t worry, we’ve got you covered with our wide range of eco-friendly serving ware.

      The manufacturing procedure of eco-friendly palm leaf serving ware is the same as for the plates and bowls. The palm leaves are one of the best-known natural materials for making eco-friendly dinnerware sets.

      To make your Yom Kippur party more nature-friendly, we’ve got you covered with eco-friendly plates, bowls, flatware, and serving ware trays. Now, you can conveniently arrange an eco-friendly Yom Kippur party with your loved ones.


      With a love for life and nature, Eco Party Warehouse!

      Host a Summer Harvest Garden Party

      The end of summer brings much more opportunities to throw some epic parties. The harvesting season is just around the corner, and your veggies or fruits in the backyard would definitely be ready to rip. So, why not throw a summer harvest garden party to share the love of the moment with your loved ones?

      It’s a great time to invite your friends over to the end-of-summer party to celebrate the little harvesting of your garden to make it a memorable day.

      And we’re here to make your summer harvest garden party celebration green and eco-friendly in every possible aspect.

      Choose a Theme

      You might not have to invest much of your time and resources in deciding a theme because you already have one set in your backyard – harvest-the-garden theme. So, try to take full use of it by adding more plants and flowers to the scene to make it feel like a jungle-themed garden.

      You can choose any plant or flower to bring that aroma into the air. All you need to do is to bring some amazing vibes and excitement to let your guests feel comfortable and amused.

      Common Arrangements

      Since we already talked about being comfortable, I really mean it. You need to make sure that you’re providing easy access to the restroom and you’ve provided easy access to the water. You might expect some kids over the party as well, so make sure you have a clear pathway to your indoor restroom.

      Moreover, if the garden is open and there’s no shade, try to make it a night party, or if your guests are comfortable in the day, don’t forget to shade the area. You can use an old long fabric piece and hang it in such a way that it creates a nice shadow under which most of your guests can easily enjoy.

      Recruit Kids

      Don’t pick the fruits before the guests arrive. Let them contribute and have some fresh fruits to eat. You can recruit kids to collect as many fruits or veggies as they can and ask them to fill a basket. Kids would have a healthy activity to play their part in and won’t disturb the chit-chat of elders.

      If your guests want to give a hand, let them do it, believe us, it’s great fun. Kids won’t be able to reach some heights. So, you will definitely need someone to pick up high fruits from branches.

      Ecofriendly Dinnerware

      To make your party look more eco-friendly, we offer a wide range of eco-friendly tableware collections with different designs, colors, and sizes. We provide every dinnerware item that you can possibly think of in an eco-friendly fashion that can eventually be disposed of after a party.

      Our disposable tableware collection includes eco-friendly palm leaf plates, biodegradable flatware, compostable, and disposable eco-serving ware.

      In the eco-friendly plate section, we offer compostable bagasse plates that are made with sugarcane remains and are quite strong and rigid. Our disposable ecoware value set collection offer completely compostable and disposable items.


      With a love for life and nature, Eco Party Warehouse!

      How to Throw an Eco-Friendly End of Summer Bash?

      Leaves are starting to fall, and so does the summer vibes. Summer is always an exciting season to throw some epic parties. So, to feel some last vibes of this summer, celebrate an eco-friendly end-of-summer bash with your loved ones. The winter will definitely bring more fun and excitement, but why not enjoy one last summer bash?

      We're here to provide you our eco-friendly offers to make your last summer bash more eco-friendly than it was ever before.

      Choosing a Perfect Place

      In order to feel that summer vibe, it's better to throw a beach party or throw a party on a nearby mountaintop. Wherever you go, just make sure you aren't becoming a source of causing pollution. People go to these areas and throw plasticware and completely destroy nature.

      Rather than using plasticware, you can go with eco-friendly dinnerware items that will eventually decompose and generate very little party waste.

      Eco-friendly Dinnerware

      The disposable dinnerware is the most preferable choice to throw parties. The disposable dinnerware items are easy to handle, and they're quite convenient when it comes to traveling. In case you're planning to throw an outdoor party on a mountaintop, you can't just bring your fragile ceramic plates. This is where elegant eco-friendly tableware items become a necessity. Now that everything else is nature-friendly, why not your table setting?

      Eco-friendly Plates

      Our eco-friendly party dinnerware includes eco-friendly plates that are made with fallen palm leaves. These fallen leaves are gathered, cleaned, and pressed. No binder or chemical is used in the process of manufacturing these dinnerware items. This is why we claim that our compostable palm leaf plates are completely nature-friendly.

      Compostable Flatware

      Our stylish compostable flatware series is made with birch wood, and they're pressed at a certain pressure to make them hard. Our flatware items won't bend with the weight of the food. These are the perfect items to choose from in order to make your party green than ever before.

      Compostable Servingware

      Moreover, we also offer eco-friendly servingware items with a lot of variety in size and shapes. Your serving matters a lot and tells a lot about your personality. So, make the way you serve the food more professional to cast a decent and pleasing impression on your guests.

      Our value set offers will give you an option to buy eco-friendly dinnerware in budget-friendly offers. The eco-friendly collection we offer is completely nature-friendly and doesn't produce any waste. 

      Biodegradable Palm Leaf Bowls

      To make your serving complete, we also offer palm leaf bowls. For parties where you're going to serve some sauces, ice cream, soup, and everything that requires a bowl, we've got your back with our compostable palm leaf bowls.

      Everything at One-Stop-Shop

      Our dinnerware set includes every possible item you can possibly think of, and surprisingly, every single item is eco-friendly. It means that its manufacturing process is designed in a way that it possesses no against-the-nature item as a raw material.

      All of our eco-friendly dinnerware items would make your end-of-summer bash eco-friendly, and once you experience the feel of being a responsible citizen by saving mother nature, believe us, you will be very proud of your decision of featuring eco-friendly dinnerware at your next party.


      With a love for life and nature, Eco Party Warehouse!