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      There's, absolutely, no person that is not in love with our planet, even though there are many who don't act like that or react on its safety. Nowadays, we can hear many stories on how we can work on the improvement of environmental conditions, slow down or even stop climate change, and save the land and ocean life. But, maybe, it doesn't have to be that much work.
      We need to realize that making a change starts from every single one of us. Everyone is supposed to implement these changes into their daily life since we are all aware that it's all about starting with small things. Together we can do anything!
      We, at the Eco Party Warehouse, are proud to say that we've started from a little bit bigger than small. Trying to find a way to celebrate our Mother Earth and celebrate life, we've managed to help everybody combine two essential things, celebration, and a safe environment.

      Welcome to Eco Party Warehouse!
      Our goal - helping create a safe environment while partying to the fullest!
      Our mission - ease you all planet lovers into the world of eco-friendly dinnerware
      Our motto - It's natural to celebrate naturally!

      Our Eco Party Warehouse is a place where you can find anything you may need to arrange an exceptionally lovely wedding, birthday party, shower, gala or any other kind of event by using our disposable, biodegradable and compostable, yet, stylish, elegant and unique tableware.

      Eco Party Warehouse products are made from different materials like palm leaves, sugarcane, and bamboo, using several methods for keeping up with the cycle of life, and maintaining the living nature as we know it at its' best and most beautiful.

      For the purpose of being completely natural and eco-friendly, palm leaf dishes are made using the traditional technique of collecting and manufacturing naturally fallen palm leaves. These eco-friendly, 100% biodegradable and compostable dinnerware pieces are made from palm leaves soaked in water and then dried after being heat pressed into shape. The bagasse tableware is made from renewable and reclaimed sugarcane pulp - the fiber left behind when sugar syrup is extracted from sugar cane. Instead of polluting the air by burning the sugar cane by-product, the fibers go through a process of heating, pulping, and then pressurized molding. Bamboo is the fastest-growing plant on the planet and is also just as strong and durable as wood, which makes them the best renewable resource for manufacturing amazing pieces of sustainable dinnerware and tableware pieces.
      And from all these natural materials, we've managed to create the loveliest and most fun, chic and stylish dinnerware you can use to arrange the most amazing table settings.

      We invite you to join our lovely Eco Party World... Take some time and look at many designs, textures, patterns, and also, many different ideas we have on how to set a very lovely table for your amazing wedding, party or shower. We're here to help you celebrate life by maintaining the cycle of life.

      Eco Party Warehouse Team